Product Review – Hydration Belt for Running #GoldBergGear

Hello Everybody,

Today, I’m reviewing the Hydration Belt For Running sold by #GoldBergGear.  The belt works great, you can fir a large iPhone 6 plus very easy in addition to your Driver license , credit card and two 10 Oz bottles of water on the side of the belt, not to forget the opening for headphones make it listening to music a joy.  Please not the headphones are NOT included.


I prefer wearing it backwards so the bottles don’t get in the way of my arms pumping.  The belt is light and not too bulky.


It takes some time to get used to take the water bottle from the belt with one hand, but with enough practice you will get used to it.  This belt is great too for me as I am practicing for my marathon, I needed something to keep me hydrated on my long runs.


Disclaimer, I received this item in exchange for my honest review, However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers.  I would highly recommend them.

#HydrationBeltforRunning #GoldBergGear #ProductReview


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