Product Review – BONAZZA™ Rodent Repeller

I received this and was immediately surprised at how small it was. I do not have a cat and I am not very fond of rats or mice, so I thought this product may help me keep peace of mind.  I popped it out of the box and no directions were provided, but I don’t really think they are needed either.  There is an off, on, and auto button.  I just set it to auto, not sure how it senses. I do occasionally hear a very faint buzz, very noisy & a little irritating.  Make sure to plug it in somewhere that you don’t visit often.
The product have 3 modes of operation which are High, Moderate and Auto. You can use the Moderate mode to avoid the loud sound when using it to small sized rooms near the area where you stay the most.

From Their Website:

HIGH FREQUENCY ULTRASOUND that repels mice and rats.

To keep rodents from becoming accustomed to the sound, the BONAZZA ultrasonic pest control device emits ultrasound at VARYING VOLUMES (peaking at 100dB) and VARYING FREQUENCIES (ranging from 15 to 26 kHz).

2 SPEAKERS for 2 TIMES the output and coverage compare to many other electronic pest repellers.

Environmentally friendly, does NOT pose any health risk to users and non-rodent pets like dogs, cats, birds and fish..

This Pest Repellent is BEST to use INDOOR in LARGE SIZED ROOMS, warehouse, garage, attic and basement.



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