Product Review – Universal Adapter #TravelAdapter

This is a nice world plug adapter. The adapter only converts the shape of the plug; it does NOT change the voltage. It does not provide ground protection or maintain plug polarization.

Before you leave on a trip, make sure this is the adapter you need. In Europe the wall electricity is 220V, in the US it is 110V. You need to read the label on your device to see if it will work at the other voltage. If the device says input: 100V to 240V, then this adapter will work just fine. If it says only 110V or 220V, then the adapter will not work, and you’ll need a voltage converter (much more expensive, much bigger, and a lot heavier). USB devices all charge at 5V and are universal.

It also has two USB ports for charging devices. The instructions are excellent. They warn that the USB ports have 2.5 Amps to share between them. That means you can charge two cell phones, or one iPad. But you can’t charge a cell phone and an iPad at the same time (or two iPads at the same time for that matter). The USB charging circuit isn’t huge. As I charged my iPad mini, the adapter got warm, nowhere near hot. The heat means the charging circuit is just barely the right size.

The different plugs slide out and latch firmly. I had to push pretty hard on my power strip to move a guard out of the way, the plug remained extended the whole time. There is no interlock between the plugs – in theory you could extend several at a time. I have no idea why you would do that, but it is possible. This is a truly universal adapter – it can be used to adapt any country wall outlet to any country plug.

The top of the adapter has only one outlet plug meaning the adapter is good for only one electrical device at a time. I have seen other adapters about this size that have two outlets on top. In a way, only one is not a bad thing – there is a limit to the amount of electricity this will handle and only one outlet keeps things safer.

This is a rugged block that will stand up to a lot of hard miles. A lot of adapters are inexpensive and lightweight, this one is solid. It is larger because it contains just about every single plug possible in the world, including the angled Chinese plug.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.  All items are bought for personal use by my family or me and are fully tested before I leave a review.  I always leave my honest opinion of an item good or bad.


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