Product Review – Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub by Valentia Natural Skin Care #naturalbeauty

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the VALENTIA line of products! I am a late 30s mom who has a stressful job. Being a mom is hard enough but having a stressful job in packs the stress. Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed a huge decline in how my face looks. I could see aging going on and I’ve always been the one that looks younger than I am. Like the one that gets carded at bars all the time. All of a sudden that stopped. I have been thinking for an exfoliating scrub to go along with the rest of my beauty regime that I have now instated for myself. I use a serum, an eye wrinkle gel, and a moisturizer but I was still using whatever facial scrub I had or could find on sale.

I have used the EternalYouth Excoliating scrub combined with the Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask twice over the past seven days. I really don’t think I need to use it that often. I used the Exfoliating scrub first. The texture is gel like, it goes on my face really smooth. I have used quite a few detoxifying scrubs in my day and I really don’t care for them. The last one that I used had coconut pieces to scrub my face and it is abrasive. I used the Valentia brand and it is not abrasive at all. While I could feel it cleaning and detoxifying my face it did not irritate it at all. I liked the way it felt while I was washing, and I LOVE THE RESULTS My face was SHINEY and SQUEEKY CLEAN! I followed with the VALENTIA Clay Mask, my face has NEVER BEEN SO CLEAN. I really like the results, my skin feels and looks new, soft, like a babies skin. This combination is a very natural way to take the dead skin cells off of that top layer of skin, without any chemicals or chemical burn! I usually use a chemical peel but I am going to stop using that and add VALENTIA to my facial once a week.

20160107_014537gelThe Company has STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT. They are very nice people ready to help if you have questions or concerns. I have sent them emails and they respond right away.

Combined with this amazing serum I found, this product and like I said a few others have taken about 10 years off of my face. I even stopped wearing makeup because I just loved how great my skin was clearing up and looking.This product is fantastic and makes you feel like you are being pampered. I’m crazy about it!

I was provided an opportunity to review these products at a discount and all I had to do is give my honest and unbiased opinion. The opinions expressed here are my own.   VALENTIA Line Products I highly recommend. The prices are very reasonable and the products really are SPA quality.


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