Product Review – #GRILL18I

I loved the 18 inch grill brush it does the job very awesome. I have been using a regular brush this whole time on trying to figure out how to clean my grill properly. I found this one works amazing! I was able to get the dirt, and charcoal off my grill so much easier. The Duty has a hard bristle at the end of the brush that gets in between the cracks, and the little nits that help it reach out of places to fully clean it all thoroughly.

The handle is 18 inch, and the length is 7 inches, I personally like this grill brush this is my second one owned, and it has lasted me awhile to use, main quality is how the overall handle, and brush works. I would not recommend touching this with your hand learned that the hard way today, but it works great on the grill. You need friction on the grill, and you need it to heavily work. I found out when I pressed hard on the grill with the brush, and this worked perfect. We grilled some steaks on the grill with BBQ sauce, it cleaned the BBQ sauce really great!

I love the fact that the brushes are stainless steel. I did notice that if I applied too much pressure the handle would begin to bend, probably due to its length. The bristles cleaned very well and I think the length of the handle would come in handy if i were cleaning a hot grill surface. The brush did an excellent job of cleaning my very dirty burned on bbq sauce. I do like this brush and would buy again when the time comes. I received this item at discount or free for my evaluation and honest review. It is my opinion that this brush is a strong 4 star rating. #GREILL18




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