Product Review – #EyeGel – Youth Express Eye Gel

I have used this eye cream for only a little over 10 days. I do believe in longer period for evaluation for beauty and personal products because it takes time to see results, but then I also know I will forget about leaving a review all together. So now is the best time.

The bottle could use a little redesign, because it looks rather like a deodorant stick, which I am sure is not the association the manufacturer was hoping for.   you should apply just a very light pressure to pump out a tiny amount of it to apply to your eyes. The gel has no cosmetic smell (i.e. no added fragrance).  Rather, it has a really clean smell of cucumber, and goes onto the skin like cool water. Thin it is, but once you rub it on, it gets absorbed quickly. The feeling of your skin tightening up is almost immediate. The skin feels supple and smooth. For the last two weeks I have been applying this gel on my eye bags, then topping off with a retinol cream all over my face as well as under eye.

I don’t think my eye bags have gone away at all – at least not only after two weeks, nor do I expect this gel will make the eye bags go away completely. There is no magic. However, I do see that the skin tone under the eyes is now brighter, and the folds (i.e. sagging skin) are not as noticeable even though they are still there if you look carefully. I am keeping up hope that even more significant results can become apparent after another couple of months. If that happens, I will come back and update.


I hope this review is helpful to your purchase decision. I received a discount for this product and agreed to provide my unbiased opinion in this review. I am under no obligation to give this product a favorable review, so please know that the above review represents my honest opinion of this product.


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