Product Review – #BYB – Pack of 4, BYBlight Cree LED Flashlight Torch

Exceptional value for a quality shirt pocket/pocket/purse mini Cree Flashlight.  Having done extensive research from the many alternatives, I went ahead and took the plunge with the BYB 4 pack. Arrived quickly.  Rather than going the expensive battery route, I choose to use 1.5v alkaline batteries and brightness is more than satisfactory. The Zoom feature is fantastic. The 3 mode rear click switch offers an ample alternative to high/low brightness and the strobe option.

I am very well versed in the full/half click modes and a very small downside is the flashlight may not be entirely consistent with full clicks.  Not a biggie since I am not using as a tactical flashlight.

These are SO HANDY to have around! You never know when you will need a flashlight, and with the price of todays batteries and the longevity of regular bulbs, its always a good idea to go with LED’s anyways. You seriously can’t go wrong with these. The size is great, they are nice and lightweight, the colors are not outrageous, and they are BRIGHT.

What I like:
1) The colors – very simple, very neutral, there is a color for everyone.
2) The size and weight. Very lightweight and perfectly sized for your hand. The little loop on the end is great to add a little bit more to hold on to. They are small.
3) They only take 3 AAA batteries and since LED’s dont suck too much power, they seem to last a long time!
4) The casing is real metal. Looks good, feels good, adds more stability than just a plastic case. Makes them seem much nicer.
5) You get 4 flashlights for the same price that some companies charge for one!
6) LED lights! No heat and lasts forever!

What I don’t like:
1) My only complaint is that the loop on the end is too small to use it around your wrist. My 3 year old can fit this on his hand, but I’m not giving this to a 3 year old to shine in everybody’s eyes. I wish it was slightly bigger to make it more “adult” friendly.

Overall, I am super happy with these and they have been added to both vehicles in the household, along with having the extras to put in the kitchen and bedroom. These seem to be a well made item and I’m glad to have them!

These Flashlights are real gems, exceptional unit pricing, more than ample utility, great for personal use or as gifts. Highly recommend this vendor.

While I did receive this at a reduced cost or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, my cost has absolutely no bearing on what I rate a product. I hope this review was helpful to you, feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will answer to the best of my ability.



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