Product Review – #eBunCable



This is a 3ft lightning cable that comes in a very nice white bag. It also includes a leather strap to wrap around the cord when you are done using it. I use it on my iPhone 6 Plus and have no issues with charging or transferring data to my computer.

This is a really nice Lightning cable. It certainly beats most of the others that I have bought on Amazon, because the quality is so good These days, many third parties try to create their own Lightning cables for sale, and most of them simply do not work. As for quality, this cable certainly beats the rest. The braided cable is tied really nicely, and it even resembles a rope, which makes the cable really strong.

The cord is well protected and the ends are sturdy. The cord is wrapped with denim fabric with gives it a very stylish look and feel.

I hope this review is helpful to your purchase decision. I received a discount for this product and agreed to provide my unbiased opinion in this review. I am under no obligation to give this product a favorable review, so please know that the above review represents my honest opinion of this product.


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