Product Review – #ChefsAddiction – Chalkboard Labels Mega Bundle By Chef’s Addiction


I tested the labels on glass, plastic, and metal surfaces. I did not test the labels with regular chalk.  I tested the marker on glass, metal, plastic, and the labels included with it.

These items are fun to use, and useful if you do not need permanent results.
I think that for what they are, they do a decent job. If the labels were super-stick they would be too hard to remove. If the chalk was non-smearable, it would not wipe off easily for rewriting.  The claims of waterproof and freeze proof on the amazon product page are not accurate. The marker itself does not say water proof.  Perhaps some minimal helpful instructions are needed, such as “place label on object before writing with chalk pens to avoid smearing during label application” and “not for use in wet environments, i.e. in refrigerator or freezer, or near a sink” and “to remove writing, wipe label with a damp cloth or napkin. do not over-wet label.”

I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange of an honest review. This seller has no influence on my review whatsoever and all opinions are my own.



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