Product Review – #MFilightningcable

The packaging the lightning cables came in are great. They were wrapped individual inside the box and they both work great and fast too. these wires are way better and stronger than Apple standard lightening cable wires.

These do not give any error messages nor have any issues while charging. They did not seem to make a difference when using my quick charger, but it is ok, as they still charge even if at normal speed.

It doesn’t feel flimsy at all since they are covered with braided premium nylon fiber jacket and anodized aluminum shell. It also have extra thick fire retardant protection layer so it protects the cables core. You wouldn’t have to worry about overheating or overcharge. My favorite thing about these wires, they are tangle-free!

This is a 3.3 foot cord which is long enough to use in small situations and it works well with your docking stations and the color of these are neutral as will, so they are not neon stand out.

I can never have enough Apple charging cords.  All in all I am very pleased with these cords.
I did receive the cords, as a reviewer, free to me, in exchange only for an honest and unbiased review and opinion. This is based solely on my own personal use and experience with the item.



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