Product Review – Gear Ultimate Infuser Water Bottle, 25 Oz, Tritan


This is a very good quality bottle. The plastic is hard and sturdy. The filter is also made of a hard plastic. It all comes apart, so it is easy to clean. The fruit stays at the bottom. The holes on the filter are relatively large, so small pieces of fruit can come out of the filter. This does not bother me, but it may bother children.

You can use the bottle with or without the filter. When locked (there’s a picture of a lock on the side of the bottle for locking/unlocking the bottle cap), the cap does not open. It is large and slim enough to fit in a standard cup holder. It is nice the opening is covered in case the bottle falls on the ground.

Refresh and rehydrate as you go to and from yoga class with the CALIA™ by Carrie Underwood Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. Detachable pieces make it easy to use and clean, while the middle strainer lets you add fresh fruit combinations to your water. The durable and impact-resistant design offers a flip-top, leak-proof lid and an attached wrist lanyard for transportation. Support your active, healthy lifestyle with the Infusion Water Bottle.

I think this bottle is best for us to make infused water at home and pour in glasses. It pours very well.  Overall, I think this bottle is a fine bottle.

I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange of an honest review. This seller has no influence on my review whatsoever and all opinions are my own.




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