Product Review – Glass Teapot Tea Infuser with Warmer


I just recently received my Willow & Everett Glass Teapot and I love it! I drink tea daily and would certainly call myself an avid tea drinker. I am always looking for cute tea ware, whether its teacups, colorful teaspoons or beautiful teapots such as this one. One concern I had was that the glass would be very thin and fragile but as soon as I took it out of the packaging the glass felt quite the opposite. It’s made out of Borosilicate glass which is very durable and is actually more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass.

I have seen other designs where the teapot infuser is made out of plastic, which I never seemed to understand. With the stainless steel infuser, I don’t have to worry about it staining and more importantly I don’t have to worry about consuming chemicals or getting a plastic-y aftertaste. I’ve never owned a glass teapot before and I do have to say, I love being able to watch and see how much my tea has steeped. When it’s ready I just open the lid, grab the adorable infuser handle, close the lid and serve!

It comes with a handy warmer that is made of fabric. Unique, isn’t it? And it actually it works. My tea stay warm as expected.

I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange of an honest review. This seller has no influence on my review whatsoever and all opinions are my own.






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