Product Review – #BYlight – BYB Super Bright Portable COB LED Camping Lantern


I’m very impressed with this lantern. It’s small, durable, and very user friendly. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how extremely bright it is. Because it’s so small I wasn’t expecting this much illumination. This lantern is perfect for camping. But I will also keep it handy in my home for use during power outages.

The light comes on when you pull the lantern top upward. To turn the lantern off you just push the top back down so it touches the lower half. This lantern takes 3 AA Alkaline batteries.



A few questions I keep in mind when I am trying out a new item:
Is this product worth the money spent on it? This is a nice lantern but I am not sure it’s worth the $12.99 price tag at the time of this review.
Do I like this product? Yes.
Would I buy this again? Yes.
Would I tell friends, family, or co-workers about this item? Yes if a need came up.

This product was of a promotional nature it was provided to me for free or for a discount, so I could evaluate it and give my honest unbiased assessment and review.

Thank You for reading my review!


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