Product Review – La-Chef BBQ Grill Mat

This is an excellent product. I was very happy with the results of grilling on my Weber grill (without a mat). I wasn’t sure whether or not to keep it, so I checked it out on Amazon. I was glad to see that the packaging matched the images, and after reading the description, I was interested.
I was impressed right off the bat with how sturdy the mat was. It feels very sturdy like it is made with high quality materials. I am glad that it came with two mats, because my grill is too big for a single mat. I was impressed to see that when you stack the mats, it didn’t affect the heat transfer where they overlapped. I was also happy to see that they were easy to clean. A simple rinse in the sink, maybe a little scrubbing with a sponge and some soap, and they are good as new.

I have had the mats for about 2 weeks, and I have used them about 7 times. So far I have made burgers a few times, hotdogs and brats, salmon, pork chops and a round of grilled chocolate chip cookies. The burgers were great. My niece doesn’t like any pink. I was able to cook them all of the way through, but they held in all of the juices. My niece loved it. I didn’t notice much difference when cooking the brats or hotdogs, because I usually don’t have any trouble with those sticking to the grill. The mats did help even out some of the heat though, so the brats didn’t get burnt by flare ups. The salmon is really where I noticed the difference. I typically had to spray the grill down with an anti-stick agent to keep my salmon from falling apart (My wife cant stand skin-on salmon). The mats were great! The salmon cooked evenly, and slid right off when I was done. The worst part of salmon is the excess cooked to the grill top. No mess here.
Overall, this is an excellent product. After a half dozen uses, the mats still look like new and work wonderfully. Great product!
This product was provided to me for free or for a discount, so I could evaluate it and give my honest unbiased assessment and review.


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