Product Review – #Dishwashermagnet


I never knew this thing existed until I was given an opportunity to try it out for my honest opinion.

An adorable yet FUN way to get the kids to help with dishes! My daughter loves turning the magnet over when we start the dishes. She knows that when the Clean side on we can put the dishes away! This really helps with getting my kids involved in chores. Plus the illustration is just adorable!

Excellent quality, heavy duty magnet, sharp graphic, adorable packaging. This magnet is exactly as pictured, very good quality, good size (just slightly smaller than my palm), and strong. I have to pull it off the dishwasher to turn–I can’t just rotate it while it’s on the dishwasher, the way I could with my other brand. No scratches on the dishwasher and it can’t possibly fall off or rotate on its own, even with teenage boys who treat the dishwasher door like it’s a desk and they’re the Terminator! And as others have already mentioned.


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