Product Review -ActionFly Portable Mini 16 LED Night Using Selfie


these are good for cell phones and tablets- any device with a standard headphone jack_ also works without plugging it into a headphone jack- so u could use as a stand alone flash light.

i did not buy mine here- but i’m glad i got them- got 2 of them. they’re rechargeable- came with the usb/micro-usb charging cable.

with the rechargeable battery u won’t have to worry about the light using up your phone/tablet battery



i was surprised that these 1 1/2 inch square lights came with so many features: rechargeable, on/off, low/med/hi, cable 2 charge with.
there’s a small hole between the mini usb charging port and the metal plug- u can string a hanging cord or thread to hang/hook the light on the phone case or wherever u want.

the mini flashes that have a metal post/plug will make your phone think that headphones are plugged into the phone- so the phone won’t ring and sound won’t play if u try to play music/vids…if u buy the kind with a plastic post u won’t have 2 worry about that_ but they may not be a durable as the ones with the metal post.

they’re small enuf to carry in pocket, coin purse_ or toss in glove box, drawer, in your loose change bowl, etc- they’re just a little bit bigger than a quarter – i’ll include some pics and lay a quarter on top of it- so u can see.

when they’re charging a dim red light in the corner will light up- when the light goes out, it’s fully charged- doesn’t take long.


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