Product Review – #Avoalre Air Vent Car Mount


The car mount arrived quickly and was packaged nicely in a cute little box. Product was well packaged and no excess cardboard was wasted for it. The product comes as two separate pieces, but it just requires connecting the base to the holder to make it operational. After setting it up it’s really easy to use! The clips on the base slides onto the air vents of your and a third arm at the bottom can be positioned to keep the mount secure. There’s a ball joint in the middle that you can loosen so you can angle/turn your phone into whichever position you like; although, the ball joint was a bit on the stiff side for my unit, but that’s better than being loose. The holder itself has some nice soft rubber on the inside of the arms to hold the phone in place and prevent it from sliding out.

Overall it’s a good product and works exactly as advertised. Though keep in mind, it’s designed to clip onto thin air vents. Some newer cars may have thicker air vents so it may not work with that. None of the parts on the mount are proprietary, so if anything breaks and you happen to have spare car mount parts, you can use those to fix it up 🙂

Disclaimer: Discount code was provided for the purpose of reviewing this product.



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