Product Review – DecoBros Precision Digital Bathroom Weight Scale


This is a nice looking scale. It was nicely packaged in bubble wrap inside of it’s box to help prevent breakage during shipping. It arrived on time without any issues. I liked that it came with the batteries and they were easy to install. I just wish it was accurate. I really needed a new scale and was really hoping this was going to be it. There is a little button on the back right behind the display that changes it from Kg to Lbs.


I purchased this Utopia Scale in both the black and the clear glass and the weight I get when I stand on each of them one right after the other doesn’t match. So unfortunately this is not an accurate scale or the black one isn’t accurate but since they are the exact same scale they should have the same weights when you go from one to the other. And neither of them match my Weight Watchers scale which gives me a reading in between the two Utopia ones. Not only do they not match each other they change when you get off and then back on, I have attached pictures showing what I mean.
I keep track of my weight and this scale is not going to work for that because it fluctuates way too much. If you just want a general idea of how much you weigh and don’t care if it is actually accurate or not then this scale might work for you.
I received this scale at a discounted price in exchange for doing an honest review of it.



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