Product Review – IFora Dashboard Car Phone Mount Holder

First of all let me clarify because the reviews here seem to have been mixed. What I have got is the horizontal mount which has a sticky beneath it to be stuck to the dashboard. It is not the magnetic mount.

Coming to the mount, if you are a fan of mounting your phone horizontally, like many GPS devices have their orientation, this would be an appropriate mount for you. In fact when you look at it for the first time, you won’t even realize this is a phone mount. Basically, if your requirement is to always keep your phone horizontally mounted, this is one for you. The mount has a sticky like material in its bottom area which will stick to your car’s dashboard. Remember, this is not for windshield. Also on a plain dashboard, the effectiveness of the sticky will be better than a textured dashboard.




The manufacturer does mention that the mount won’t work on leather dashboard so don’t both trying and then complaining. I am not always a fan of the sticky material stuff (had bad experience with Gadget grab tool) so I was and am skeptical about this mount. Although it does work, I am concerned about the sticky gel losing its stickiness rather sooner than later.
*I received this mount in exchange of my honest and unbiased feedback


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