Product Review -#LavalierLapelMicrophone

#LavalierLapelMicrophone available at

I decided to try this one out for the iphone. I’m not into digital recording any more (I used to be when it all first started happening, when I was a musician…I haven’t kept up with it, no longer record music, so I don’t use protools or anything to get the most out of the mic–maybe that’s what was giving the other mic such high reviews? For the record, it was the Yeti Blue)My uses are to record my lines for shakespeare class, so I can learn them while driving around, or downtime.The quality of the sound is pretty amazing for a mic that cost one fifth what the other one did, that was supposed to be so great…pff!!This mic picked up the video game my hubby was playing while I was sitting about 15 feet away from the audio source. I think if two people were sitting together (like a scene partner) you could pick up both voices well enough. I’m pretty pleased with it! Hope it lasts me a long time.

disclaimer: This product was given at a discount or complimentary in exchange for an honest review.



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