Product Review – MLVOC Combination Padlock 4 Digits

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This is a very nice looking, easy to use, four digit combination lock that is perfect for our son’s use at his high school and trade center he attends. He needs three locks for school use — book locker, gym locker and trade center clothes locker — and really does not like the old-school… turn left – turn right – turn left again… dial type locks. These four digit combination locks are much easier for him to use, and he likes them.

These are not high security style locks; they are meant to thwart walk-through style theft that sadly does occur from time to time, even in the school situation. This is not the type of lock you are going to put on the door of your storage unit as the shackles cold be cut with a bolt cutter and the unit has a lighter construction that is very friendly for places like school lockers, weighing in at about 5 ounces.

These are security locks made for light duty use and they serve that purpose with style.

The Amazon sales listing notes that this lock is covered by a “60 Days Money Back Guarantee and 3 Year Warranty”, which seems to be an outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction. Therefore, if an issue occurs within that period of time I would return here to update the review and let you know what the issue was and how resolution was handled. We did receive this lock gratis from the seller and have tested the lock’s functionality to objectively determine how well it performs. My statements here reflect that testing.

If you are looking for a combination lock of this size, construction, style, and price, for use as I have described above, then we recommend giving this 4 digit combination padlock from desired tools a try based on our experience with it so far.


Go for it.

disclaimer: This product was given at a discount or complimentary in exchange for an honest review.


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