Product Review – #ShoeRevival

#ShoeRevival available at

I tried this on my suede slippers, actually on ONE suede slipper to keep a control specimen. This claims to clean all materials, even suede. My feelings about the results are mixed.

It lathered up nicely.
You don’t need much cleaner. You use a container of water and a squirt, or just put it directly on the wet brush.
The brush is nice, it really gets in the cracks and crevices well, allowing you to clean everything including the tread.

Notes: The style of my slippers prevented me from doing a really thorough job everywhere. I had to avoid the sheepskin so didn’t get to the very top and was afraid to scrub too much, but I did do a pretty rigorous scrub.

This did a good job of cleaning up the soils pressed into the suede. It did rough up the texture a bit and made the suede feel more stiff and less soft than it was pre-wash. After wearing them for several days the texture softened but it doesn’t look as nice as it did before. I’d be hesitant to do another suede cleaning unless it was absolutely necessary. Suede is fragile by nature so I wasn’t surprised the brush roughened the surface. So which is worse, dirty suede or slightly damaged suede?

I received one cleaning kit at a discount for review purposes. Review is my honest opinion.


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