Product Review – #LashFactoryCosmetics

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Wow! I have never used a product like Lash Science before (frankly I didn’t even know they existed) so I can’t comment on how this works in comparison to other products but I can relate my own findings. When I saw this product I decided I would give it a try because I have very fine brittle eyelashes. I work from home so I don’t often wear make-up and when I do, I would never wear mascara because my eyelashes tend to break and are so short you can’t see them anyway. So anyway, I started using reLash 1 week ago and was invited to go to my newly pregnant daughter’s first ultrasound today. Well this newly expectant Grammy decided to get all duded up for the big event! I put on mascara and could not believe my eyes! I had eyelashes that the curler worked on! Wow it HAS made a difference! I cried at the ultrasound, yes I saw the little heart beating. My eyelashes knocked against my glasses (A sensation I have not known for years) and then came home and washed off the mascara and low and behold my eyelashes are still there! I am so happy with these 1 week results…I will continue to use religiously and would highly recommend this product to others who have weak, brittle lashes!!!!

I received Eyelash Growth Serum, Lash Science Brow & Eye Lash Serum by Lash Factory on a discount price in exchange of my unbiased and honest review.



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