Product Review – #SafeBestBikeLock

#SafeBestBikeLock available at

I got this lock to replace a Kryptonite Evolution mini-5 inch lock. Why did I need to replace it? Because the crappy flex-strap lock mounts that Kryptonite give you let the lock bounce and sway as you are on your ride. One day it up and fell off on a ride, and I didn’t notice until I got home. The mount supplied with this product is a sturdy plastic mount that lets me click the U-lock securely in an upright position: it’s not going anywhere while I get to and from school and work. I did have to remove a water bottle bracket from the bottom frame in order to get it and the lock to fit on my Fuji road frame, but I personally never carried water in there, and am much more concerned about bike security.

It’s a strong and sturdy looking and feeling lock. A bit bulkier and larger than I was used to with my Kryptonite mini-5, but I also am finding that I can lock my bike up in more versatile positions with this larger lock. I would recommend picking this up if it’s offered at a competitive price for similar locks.

I received this product at discount for exchange of my review and biased opinion.


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