Product Review – Tontec® 3.5 Inches Touch Screen

#B00NANNJLQ available at

Great Device, the pi works flawlessly. The case is a little brittle, would not recommend it for long use. Looks like the tabs on it were cheesy and had 2 break off when I put it together, one was cracked when I took it out of the package. But it did go together ok and holds everything solid enough.

I have absolutely no idea why everybody is having trouble getting this thing working. All I did was download the prebuilt Raspian “Jessie” image, plugged it all in and it just worked. Yes, the display refresh rate is slow. It is NOT a full half second between refreshes. It does have a lag when it does line feeds, when the entire screen has to shift. When you’re typing, only small parts of the frame buffer have to be updated, so that’s plenty fast enough to keep up with things like entering text. The frame rate IS low for full screen updates, probably only about four to five frames per second, so it’s true, you’re not going to be watching videos on it, but at this price point, that’s okay.

The touch screen position detection is fine. No burnt pixels, While using the stylus results in better precision, it does respond to pressure from my fingertip. It functions EXACTLY as advertised, and the people who are having trouble getting it working are probably simply not reading the instructions.


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