Product review -AYL Silicone Cooking Gloves+Internal Cotton Layer


#AYLCookingGlove available at

I got these to replace some cheap cloth potholders I ruined in the washing machine. I was a little worried about going with this style because I have very small hands, and I was concerned that I wouldn’t have very good dexterity with them. However, I really like these oven mitts. The silicone is great, I never feel like I have to put something down quickly and it is textured which helps with grip. I’ll also put them on when I’m cooking something greasy on the stove top to keep my arms from getting splattered, and I’m still able to flip/turn whatever I’m cooking. They also have a ring on them, so you can hang them from a convenient location near your stove. I bought the green ones, and the color in the picture is very true to their actual color.


  • 1. Get two in a set
  • 2. Silicone grip part keeps hot pans from slipping out
  • 3. Keeps hands from getting burnt!
  • 4. Fits very well (I wear size large gloves)
  • 5. Nice quality fabric


  • None

I did receive this product at a discount to give an honest review.




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