Product Review – Car Mount, I Go Teck, Car Smartphone Holder Hands


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This item is my new favorite. I love having the dual car charger, I can use my portable GPS and charge my phone at the same time. The magnetic phone mount is at the end of a flexible arm with an additional ball swivel mount which really helps to provide the ideal viewing angle.

At the current Amazon price of $15, I expected another plastic gadget. Not so! This holder is a substantial metal, actually rather heavy and great quality. The flexible arm is quite stiff at first. After working it a bit, it can be shaped to provide a gentle curve but will hold this new shape securely. The only thing that bother me is not being able to plug my headphones while it in the holder.

This little item is ingenious. Well made, great function, a win-win!

This product was provided at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you found the information provided to be of value, please click “yes”. Thanks!!



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