Product Review – Backseat Car Organizer – Kids Toy Storage

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This back seat organizer is much thinner than I expected, but is proving to be equally durable. It’s not a conventional back seat organizer for kids and babies as advertised, but it’s very practical for organization and useful for light traveling.

In comparison, my other back seat organizer has a clear compartment on the first row with a Velcro seal for iPads/tablets and a small compartment to hold a few children-size sunglasses. Then, on the second row there are three compartments that fit a total of a dozen pull-ups. Then lastly, the large bottom compartment is perfect for holding a portable baby wipes container, a change of clothes, and an extra set of footwear.

So, I suppose I was caught off guard when the back seat organizers arrived. Initially I was disappointed that my daughters 12-ounce hydro flask couldn’t fit in the bottle compartment as featured in the picture. It also didn’t secure most of her necessities to my liking. However, I decided to keep an open mind to all the possibilities.

I decided to use the back seat organizers by Fancy Mobile to add more convenience to my life. In my organizer I keep a portable battery charger, a wall adapter, usb cords, a Bluetooth keyboard, and stationary with to-do lists. I just pack everything I need to take the night before, Velcro the straps together and carry them down to the car, and install them. This is definitely a necessity for apartment living. Especially when you live on the top floor and don’t have the patience or time to be running back up and down to grab things.Most back seat organizers secure itself with a buckle but not only is it quicker and simpler to strap, but it holds its weight well. Furthermore, the product is extremely affordable and easy to clean. I may not have received the eBook but I felt that it was pretty self-explanatory.

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review and I hope to upload pictures of the organizers I received soon.


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