Product Review – Drink coasters+holder+ice ball mold by wisepalace

#wisepalace available at

The coasters were a pleasant surprise! I had looked for several weeks at much more decorative ones, but was unimpressed with most after reading the reviews. First and foremost I needed them to be functional. I did not want my furnishing damaged. I purchased these to use as a spare if nothing else, because the price was so right. I am very glad I did. Even though they are simple black rubber coasters they actually blend in. I currently have sitting on an end table. Highly recommend these to anyone. Definitely one of my better online purchases! Please excuse in errors, I am pecking out this review on a Kindle, and fast getting carpal tunnel index finger!

Clear Ice Cubes: What has worked for me is heating up water and then using the hot water in the molds. This has helped me create clear ice cubes. Although I am still working on it because it doesn’t work everytime but it works most times. The science that I have heard is you want to slow down the cooling time so the longer it takes to fully freeze the better. So, a separate insulated type chamber would work just as well.

These melt much slower than normal ice. I don’t want watered down bourbon so these are a must for me. I have tried whiskey stones but they really don’t cool the drink to the level I like. The best method I have found is ice spheres, dilution still occurs just noticeably slower, perhaps I just need to drink faster! We just moved into a new house with a bar so I have had a lot of fun picking out all the stuff for our little wet bar. I have the lights, chairs, tools and decanters picked out I am just looking for some nice durable bar glasses if anyone has any recommendations.

I haven’t used other ice sphere molds so I cannot compare the quality of these to others but in my 4 weeks of use I haven’t had any issues that would make me think quality is poor with these. They do the job, which is all I need. The price is good… So I am happy with it and would recommend.

Please note I have no relationship with this seller and I’m not compensated in any way for my review. I did receive this at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I take my reviews serious and will only provide my true feedback. Thank you!



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