Product Review – #Fnova Pro Star Bike Helmet Mirror with Flat Acrylic Reflective Surface

#fnova available at

I think of five stars as a nearly perfect product, and since there is no such thing as a perfect helmet mirror, the highest I can go is four stars. The Race Icon mirror is very good. Other reviews emphasize safety, but that goes to the question of whether or not you want to wear a mirror at all, and that is a matter of personal preference – many cyclists don’t like them either because they have limitations or they just look goofy. I ride rural roads a lot and you really need to know when a logging truck is coming up on you or how fast that yard dog is in closing in on you. For me, then, you need a mirror and the safety factor ranks higher than the cool factor. Past mirrors that I have used always attached to the helmet via double-sided tape or glue, so I was unsure of what to expect with velcro. I was afraid it would be too sloppy and add to the vibrations that you have anyway. I find it to be just as tight a hold as the other methods, plus you have the advantage of removing the mirror easily and remounting it on another helmet, if need be (two pads are supplied with the helmet).

Past mirrors I have used have also adjusted much nearer to my eye. So, at first, when I found that I had to place the helmet pad such that the mirror would be a couple of inches, give or take, from my eye, I seriously worried that I might have to return the mirror. It turns out, though, that this forward placement has real advantages – visibility is still very good and it virtually eliminates the blind spot that a close-in mirror provides, since you can’t see through the mirror itself. For those who would not like this, my son pointed out that you can easily cut the rod to a shorter length and it will mount the mirror closer in. The Race Icon, unlike other mirrors I have had (e.g., the Third Eye), allows you to tighten the settings of the mirror where you like them, meaning that you don’t have to adjust the mirror every time you go out for a ride – something I always had to do because the mirror gets knocked this way and that when you store it between rides. The mirror surface is very clean and precise and the product as a whole is light and well-made. Depending on your personal preferences, this could be an excellent choice for you.

Please note I have no relationship with this seller and I’m not compensated in any way for my review. I did receive this at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I take my reviews serious and will only provide my true feedback. Thank you!



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