Product Review – IPhone 6 plus/6s Plus Case


#iPhone6pluscase available at

Definitely one of the best cases I have ever used!!  Great product for a great price.  Not too flashy and not too dull. Just as good as the more expensive ones. The case is a clear premium flexible case.

It complements the Iphone 6 plus without making it look bulky or childish like other soft cases.  The volume power buttons are fitted in very well, and the jack speaker and charge ports are accessible.  The design is sleek and it is very easy to install. This case is rugged on the outside with soft edges.  The inside is smooth enough not to damage your phone.


I am really impressed with the quality and durability of this case.  In general the case itself would be total recommend for the price and the quality of the materials that was made so your device.  would be protected with no problems and the case would be very resistant and durable. I got the case for my phone, and I love this case because it looks so well on my phone, while keeping it slim, now I have peace of mind of dropping my phone knowing that it will not break.

I highly recommend this product to everyone.  Please note I have no relationship with this seller and I’m not compensated in any way for my review. I did receive this at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I take my reviews serious and will only provide my true feedback. Thank you!


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