Product Review – Desk Cable Wire Clips Cord Organize Colorful

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First let me start by saying I did not completely read the full product description before purchasing this product. Based on the look and way that it was placed on the desk I made an assumption that the cord managers were weighted to keep them in place.

When I received the package and pulled out the first one I realized they had a peel and stick back. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I did not really want to use adhesive on my oak desk. I placed one on my night stand where I charge my cell phones as a test and it quickly snapped into place and the cords easily went in without issue. I did not like the placement and tried to move the device but when I pulled it off the adhesive backing stayed in place. The adhesive backing was fairly easy to remove but that cord manager was finished because it did not have an adhesive backing anymore.

Once I got over the adhesive the product not only did what it says, I think it out performed its claims. The cables not only rest easily in the holder they slide fairly easily as well. This allowed me to keep the cables connected to the phone and hidden out of the way until I need to pick up my phone.


After thinking about it I also found a way to use the cord managers with my oak desk, I simply affixed the adhesive back to a small paperweight and used that to hold the device in place. I ran the cables up the desk leg and secured them in place with a Velcro strap and then I ran them to the desktop where they connected with the cord manager affixed to the paperweight. This set up has worked perfectly for me, the cables are secure but I am able to move them around as required.

Even after my initial disappointment for the backing I have come to truly appreciate this product. It does everything it says and I do recommend them for anyone who has multiple cords or devices they are continually plugging in on a desk.

I would have rated 5 stars if the adhesive was something a little less permanent, maybe like the types of adhesives used on some vehicle cell phone holders that hold in place and can be washed to refresh the surface if required.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.



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