Product Review – Double Camping Hammocks

#liveinfinitely available at

This is a very strong and durable parachute hammock that is a lot of fun for the kids to hang out in. It does not include a stand, but can easily be attached to an existing structure and/or trees (make sure you buy the straps as well). While the hammock itself is strong enough to hold 2 adults comfortably (it holds up to 400 pounds!), make sure the structure you are attaching this to can hold that kind of weight as well.

1: Affordable
2: Portable
3: Strong and durable
4: Easy installation
5: Fun!

1: Stand not included so you will need a structure/trees to attach it to

This is our 3rd hammock and we bring them camping with us and always make sure to find a spot where there are some trees close by to attach them to. It makes for a comfortable and fun place for the kids to lounge around.

DISCLOSURE : Product purchased at a discount with the option to review. No financial compensation is EVER accepted, and vendor may request that item be returned. I reserve 4 and 5 star ratings for products I would either recommend to others or buy for myself. This is a great product that I would highly recommend!

hammock out of bag91ruhlk6qhL._SX355_IMG_0457IMG_0458


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