Product Review – Fanny pack With 7 Zippered (blue)

#FUTEJIA available at

This fanny pack is a great looking pack! I love the color and material that this fanny pack is, it is very bright. I like that this fanny pack has 7 zip compartments, I almost missed the hidden compartment that is on the back of the fanny pack. The zipper faces your body so it can only easily be opened if you take off your fanny pack to access the zipper. The front two zipper compartments are large and carry everything that I would need to go camping or to a party. The color looks great and makes me feel like I am back in the 80s when I wear it. I plan to wear this fanny pack to my next zoo trip!

The only downside I had with this fanny pack is that the strap that goes around your waist is ALMOST too small. I had to lengthen it to its very last slack and it is still a little tight on my waist. I wear a 40 jean size in Men’s so If you wear larger than that I would suggest you look into larger fanny packs.

Promotional or discounted product provided to review





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