Product Review – Fruit Infuser Pitcher

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This fruit infusion pitcher is exactly what I’ve been wanting. I’m not a fan of plain water so I don’t drink it period. Which is bad I know. But, I’m starting to try to become more healthy for my toddler son so I wanted to start drinking more water. I started off buying flavoring to put into water but it was so unhealthy and all sugar. I’ve always loved strawberry kiwi flavored water. So I knew I could make my own that would be a lot more healthier, cheaper and taste better. This pitcher can be used for so many different things from water, tea, lemonade, juices and more.

The pitcher itself is acrylic. The infuser core is what has the openings in it so the juices from the fruits or whatever can seep out into your drink that the pitcher is filled with. Now when using the fruit core you don’t want to just put pieces of fruit in there without chopping the fruit up first. The whole point is for the fruit to be slided so the juices seep through the slots into the drink. So far I have made strawberry flavored water, strawberry kiwi water, lemonade with Strawberry’s in the infuser core and also tea. This is great to make ice tea with. It makes making tea so much easier and it has a much better taste to it. The pitcher is the perfect size. At first I didn’t think the lid snapped down. I just though it sat on top of it. But, you just need to make sure the lid is lined on the the pitcher properly and push down until it snaps on just be careful. The lid stays secure when you are pouring drinks so it doesn’t pop off causing a huge mess. This is great for when you have guests. They are able to enjoy beverages.  Overall I’m very pleased with this. I’m actually able to enjoy a good flavored water and lemonade. And my husband can enjoy his iced tea since he’s the only one who drinks tea.


I just love the look of this pitcher. It looks fantastic on the table at dinner time and looks really special if you are having guests over. I couldn’t wait to try my pitcher out and the only thing I had in the house was lemons so in they go. If you do not want to add ice to your fruit infused tea or juice I just freeze a few pieces of my fruit to act as ice. As they thaw they still infuse the water with their flavor, but they help keep it cold too. Only one of the cores can be used at one time. I have found that fruits, vegetables and herbs will flavor my water, tea and juice at different rates. So you will need to determine how long you want your beverages to set before you drink them. Lemons, limes and oranges are my favorite for quick flavored drinks. I normally let these fruits set for one hour before drinking. But cucumber and mint takes a little longer almost twice as long as the citrus fruits.

**I received this free in exchange for an honest review. Whether good or bad. All opinions stated above are my own !**



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