Product Review – Kitch’nMore Premium Stainless Steel Tea Pipe Infuser

The #kitchnmore stainless steel tea infuser works beautifully on medium to large leaves. You simply place the leaves into the strainer stick, place it into a tall glass or small pitcher and let it steep then enjoy. You can also use it to add other herbs or spices to ice beverages.

The slim cylinder shape with the hooked end makes it easy to place in and out of containers and the slanted bottom is great for letting it lean in larger mugs. I love the shape of this tea infuser. That was a major input into the reason for my purchasing this tea infuser. It’s small, it’s easy to handle, easy to clean up, and I do love the fit of it.

Because this tea infuser is as easy to clean as it is easy to use, and it is quality at a great price that means I can purchase more than one. It makes a great gift ideas and never forget about it’s small size being perfect for stocking stuffers or for party gifts.

Mine is always ready to use to make a nice ice tea, an energizing hot tea in the morning, or a calming soothing cup of warm tea just before bedtime.

#kitchnmore available at



I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and is based solely on my experience with the product.


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