Product Review – New Product Review (USB Wall Charger)

#JBP available at

What I like about it:
– Size. It’s small and compact.
– Has folding plug. Easy to stow away in bag for traveling purposes.
– Can charge 4 devices at the same time.

The 4 ports have different outputs.

However the device has a max output of 2.4A max so you won’t be able to get the max output of all of them (except for port 2) if you plug in 4 devices simultaneously, but still you’ve 4 ports in a highly compact wall charger.

I have quite a few EasyAcc accessory items and I can say that I’m generally impressed with them. All their products are well designed and good to look at. Same thing with this charger. The plastic is high quality and the device is two tone colored. The wall facing part has a matte finish, just a nice extra touch. These small touches show that they’ve put some thought into making the product and are not just a mass producer.

Overall a nice compact wall charger with the above limitations. Sample was received for review purposes.




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