Product Review – 300X 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

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When I first found out about these fiber lash mascaras on the market, I couldn’t wait to try them out. Of course, that was a couple years ago, when I was still working and had a reason to wear makeup everyday. Now that I’m retired, I don’t wear makeup nearly as much, sometimes only a few times a week. I still wanted to try it though, especially for wearing on those occasional date nights, my husband and I enjoy, At first I was almost afraid to use it, the directions seemed almost daunting, but once you use it and after the initial trial, it’s not that a big of a deal. It’s pretty much like using your standard mascaras, just with one (or more) extra step(s)…you just get the hang of it.
Here’s what I do:

1) I wash my face, tone, add serum, moisturizer, foundation, concealer (around my eyes), maybe some shadow, etc…then I curl my eyelashes and carefully draw on my eyeliner and when that’s ‘set’, I go to the next step.

2) Apply a coat of Step 1 & 3 Mascara (the longer tube), very slowly and carefully using the side-to-side method, from base to tip.

3) While first coat is still wet, open the Step 2 tube of fibers and with my face over the sink or over a paper towel, with tissue handy, I take the wand and carefully apply some of the lengthening fibers onto the lashes, concentrating on the tips of the lashes.

There’s also a 300x mascara wand included for use in separating your lashes. Wipe away or dab at any stray fibers that fall on your cheeks or face, etc…with a Q-Tip or corner of a tissue. 3) Take the first longer mascara wand and apply a finishing coat or two or three if need be. Also use the pink wand if you have to. Of course you can add more fibers too, if you want to, but if you get too much on there, pretty soon your lashes start looking too thick, more than long. Also there’s more chance for clumping that comes with more fibers. I suggest you practice…practice makes it more easier, just like with anything. I really like this brand of fiber 3D mascara, so far, for me anyways, it’s been the easiest to use, probably because the mascara stays wet longer and the fibers are really fine. Of course, everyone is different and these thoughts are mine alone. One other thing I was impressed with, was the box this set comes in. It looks so fancy, from the magnetic closure of the outer double flap opening to the luxurious Gunmetal Silk lining. It’s just beautiful. I’m adding photos of before during and after using the mascara and just using it on one eye.

I was given a discount in exchange for my leaving and honest and unbiased review.



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