Product Review – AYL TF89 Bright 900 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight

#AYLTF89Flashlight available at

There are many LED flashlights based on the CREE LEDs, but I would have to say that the this is one of the better designs. First off, this flashlight is solidly built with machined aluminum which fits together perfectly. the rubber flushing fits nicely and everything is seated properly. The base of the light element on most of these CREE XM-L gets very hot and this torch had built essentially a heatsink into the front of the flashlight. This really helps with managing the heat generation. One thing I’ve noticed with poorer quality flashlights is that the threads do not properly align sometimes cause striping after some use. There is no problem here!
The reflector is a solid piece of metal and is a high surface area reflector with a narrow beam focus.

Usage is very simple. Turn on the flashlight with a strong clicking depression. Change between the modes with a depression without click. The flashlight remembers the last mode it was in when it was turned off. Very useful as not all flashlights have this feature. The modes are standard fare. but it is a requirement. This is quite important as you can conserve battery life with low power modes. Also signaling which the flash modes increases visibility drastically compared to constant on modes.

In terms of light output, it does very well in either flood or narrow beam modes
The included battery is solidly built and charge/discharge as expected. It is a little higher capacity than the typical batteries and the inclusion of of it is useful as you don’t have to purchase one separately. The included charger is simple to operate and functions as expected.
The included lanyard is a nice addition, but it totally optional. Everything fits in a rigid cushioned plastic case.
Please note that I was provided a review sample.


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