Product Review – Lightweight no-stretch polyester hammock straps

#ESCOutfitters available at

Fantastic strap system. Better than a lot of other hammock suspension systems I’ve used.

Through the years while camping in a hammock I’ve tried several different types of suspension systems. I’ve used descender rings, Straps with different knots, eno straps, and whoopie slings. Each of them has their drawbacks. Of those I regularly use the whoopie slings because they are lightweight and easy to use. Now I will be using the ESC Outfitters straps most of the time because they are more versatile than the rest.

The Hammock straps are easier than the descender rings and tying different kinds of knots. They are more adjustable than any eno straps. Whoopie slings are fantastic but are difficult to use when trees are close together and really far apart.

These straps can be used when the hammock is almost touching the tree and also when the trees are very far apart. At 10ft long they have a farther reach than most any other suspension system. Other buckle and clip systems are only rated to 500lbs which is a problem if you are trying to use a double hammock.

Overall, this system is really easy to use and can be set up quickly. It’s easy to attach to any hammock. 5 stars without a doubt.


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