Product Review – United Linens faux silk curtain panel

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I just had my living room redone; painted a nice gray & wanted some white curtains to cover my new windows. I bought these because they looked pretty, were reasonably priced, & had grommets, just like I wanted. What you can’t see in the picture, though, is that these curtains are not just a plain, smooth fabric, but are textured in a waffle pattern. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this, as I feel it will add some depth to my mostly grey, black & white decorating scheme, but want others to be aware, in case they are looking something very simple.

When it is bright outside, I can see through them pretty easily. I was nervous about this, at first, since I didn’t want people being able to see into my living room at night, but after checking them out when it was dark outside, they provide more than enough privacy. Also, mine did have the loose threads that others have mentioned, but I simply trimmed them with a pair of scissors & they are great now. I will also mention that washing & drying the curtains will not get rid of the creases left from being folded during shipping (at least not for me), so they will need to be steamed or ironed if creases & wrinkles drive you crazy, like they do me.

Because of the extra steps I ended up taking in order to make these curtains look the way I wanted, they were a bit more trouble than I had anticipated, but I love them & their price!

Disclaimer, I received this product for free or at a discounted price. All of the opinions on this product are my own and I was not influenced at all by anyone.


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