Product Review – Key Finder by Beets BLU

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I am loving this gadget. I think I need one for everything I own! It is easy to operate and the instructions are very helpful. I wanted this because I have only one key That I misplace all the time, I lay it down everywhere! Then I can find it. Once I got it here and loaded the app on my phone I decided I just might need more of these. If you need to find where you left your keys or other item you can actually see a map and it shows the location. I am very excited about this technology and I’m learning more about it daily.

It comes with a battery already in place plus an extra one for later. I will add a metal ring for your key chain, and since it is so securely closed they added a little piece that helps you to open the Beets Blu when it is time to replace the battery. I recommend this and I’ve already needed to use it to find my phone almost daily. I push that little button, my phone rings, I dig it out of the sofa, or from under the bed, etc… and I’m on time going places for a change, instead of being late while I search for my phone!

*I was offered this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Beets-Blu-PaperTag-key-finder-wireless-289x300Beets Blu Pager Tag Remote Wireless Keyfinder with Alarm Review


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