Product Review – MDUB Medical Achilles Tendon Strap

#MDUB available at

Four stars because it did not completely solve my problem, but did a great job in conjunction with another product. I have Achilles Tendonossis, coupled with an athletic movement which vertically separated my degenerated Achilles tendon on my right ankle. I don’t have to have surgery, and the Dr. did not cast my ankle because I did not want to not be able to drive, so I am waiting for my appt. to have a brace molded for my ankle. I understand the approval time from the insurance company can be very long for this $1,500 brace, so I have to stay off my feet and brace my tendon as best I can in the mean time. I am using a compression Achilles tendon soft slip on sock like brace with silicon along the heel and adding the MDUB Achilles Tendon Strap to re-enforce the stability at the Achilles Tendon. It works very well together. I have a rather medium narrow foot without any swelling or fat on the foot and ankle, and the strap just barely makes it around to velcro together around the other brace. So, find one that is x-large. I think I got a medium one. This product all alone slips on very fast and is good all by itself when I have to get to the bathroom in the early morning hours and need a little stability to walk, but have to do it fast!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.


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