Product Review – #MDUB Patellar Tendon Cross Strap

#MDUB available at

These things are amazing!!!!!!!! My knee pain got so bad due to all the running that I have to do in the military(I ended up deteriorating most of the cartilage in my knees), that I could barley do squats or even jumping jacks without knee pain, so running for me was out of the question. I also had a hard time doing most of the moves when I was doing the “Insanity” workout,until I came across these babies!!! 🙂 Now I can run for exercise, and do so much more and not feel a bit of knee pain…..I mean like NONE!!!!!!!!! I have purchased tons and tons of knee sleeves, patella stabilizer braces, etc… (all of which ranged from $70.00 to $250) and none have worked like these have for me. I would, however, inform you to measure around your whole knee with a measuring tape prior to purchase as the material only adjusts to literally 19 inches and is not stretchable material, so if you have a knee bigger than that, you perhaps can look around for the same product in a bigger size or ask if they can custom order, but they are definitely worth it 🙂

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.




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