Product Review – MDUB Medical Iliotibial IT Band Strap

#MDUB available at

Though it looks more useless than a copper wrist bracelet, it actually works for me! What it does is pinch the IT Band, holding it in place, keeping it from scraping against bone, which causes irritation, for me.

It’s not an understatement to say that knee issues are difficult to diagnose. So, you can’t really know if this is going to help without trying it. Luckily it’s pretty easy to test. Get some stretchy material and wrap it around your leg, like in the picture. If you want, you can add a little extra pressure at the location above the pain. If you’re like you me you probably have several full knee braces lying around. Cut one up and convert it into one of these. (Some Velcro tape may prove useful.)

Try it for a couple days and see if it helps. If you notice some improvement, spring for the real thing, the convenience is easily worth the price. If you’re not crafty, you might want to spring for one straight away, what the heck. I spent hundreds on full knee braces (which didn’t help) before discovering this.

I like to wrap my leg with an ace bandage first. (Above and below the knee cap) then wear the thing on top of the ace bandage. This configuration keeps the thing (made from the usual neoprene/polyester material) from getting sweaty and causing any irritation.

Also, some people benefit from a little pressure BELOW the knee-cap (where the doctor hits you to test your reflexes) There are straps for that too. (Doesn’t help my case.)

This review is my own 100% unbiased opinion. I got this product at a discount.


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