Gimbal Guard for #Dji Phantom 4

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Product Review – “You’re Awesome Reminder” Funny T-Shirt

“You’re Awesome Reminder” #FunnyTShirts available at

My husband wears this shirt all the time (at least 2-3 times a week) and gets compliments like crazy! The only downside is that people keep asking where my “best wife ever” shirt is! 😉

I got my husband (who is 6’6″ and 230 lbs) an XL, but in hindsight he would have fit in L. The XL is just too big width wise for him, but is plenty long. He doesn’t mind though, it gives him extra room to indulge at dinner.

The fabric is really soft and has held up through multiple washes since Christmas. The blue is the perfect shade (not to bright and not too dark).

All in all this is a GREAT shirt and definitely worth the buy!

I received this product free or at a discount price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


First USB Rechargeable #FootCallus Remover

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Product Review – First USB Rechargeable Foot Callus Remover

First USB Rechargeable #FootCallus Remover available at

I have used many different ways to smooth out my rough heels and this Pedi Perfect is by far the easiest way. I will never have to use pumice stones or those handheld micro plane files that look like cheese graters again. This Callus Remover does all the work for me. The rechargeable battery power a roller with a covering that feels a bit like rough sand paper. To use it, you just gently place the spinning head against your rough skin and it begins to smooth them out leaving behind a fine powder of dry dead skin.

I only used it for 30 seconds on both heels on my first try to gauge the length of time to use it and its effect. It was really all I needed. My heels felt a tad warm from the friction. Surprisingly, my heels were smoother already. The instructions warn again using it on one area longer than 3-4 seconds and I would agree. It is better to do a little at a time so you don’t do any damage.

The head is replaceable and can be removed and rinsed in the sink. The unit is not water proof. I really am pleased with it and would recommend it after initial use. I will update my review later with any information on battery life or replacement roller head insights.

I received this item at a discount for my honest review. I always try to leave a fair, detailed review because I know that is what I hope to read when looking for items at Amazon. Everything I have written is my honest opinion and I’m happy to say these exceeded my expectations.



#EyebrowTweezers – 3 Tips Premium Stainless Steel Tweezers Set available at

This tweezer set is great!! The tweezers all work really well; I don’t have any trouble with them grabbing onto my eyebrow hairs and it makes plucking my eyebrows super easy and fast. The tips of these are all different and they probably have different uses for each one-i haven’t figured that out though. These are probably the best tweezers I’ve ever owned. I know it sounds like I’m trying to hype up this product but I was shocked at how fast I was able to pluck my thick eyebrows with these. Most tweezers I’ve owned in the past I had to grab at the individual hairs a few times before the tweezers would actually get them. Not the case with babies! I’m very happy with my purchase and if I ever manage to lose all of these (which is possible with me) I will definitely be purchasing this tweezer set again! I did receive these tweezers at a reduced rate for my honest/unbiased review. I would still pay full price for the set!


Product Review – #VRBOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses

#VRBOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses available at
TL;DR Great product, minor flaws but they are probably only in some cases. 8/10 recommend

Right from the start I like what I saw. The box that the product came in was a nice minimalist white box that didn’t try to distract from what was inside. Upon opening the box I was greatly surprised. The headset has a nice sleek look. Definitely better than a lot of the VR sets out there.
A great and unique feature is that you slide the phone in instead of opening a door and popping it in. The part that secures the phone in really makes you feel confident that once the phone is in, it won’t be moving. A second great feature is that the front panel of the headset slides open which allows you to take pictures, especially panoramic pictures in VR apps. This is very important and a feature that I don’t understand how it’s missing in other headsets. Another great feature is that it has adjusters for the pupil distance and the screen distance. Surprisingly this is missing in other headsets so this having it a great thing. The remote that came with it is like a wii nunchuck. It fits comfortably in hand and once you get used to it, it becomes a nice little accessory especially since this doesn’t come with a magnetic trigger, the remote is a better alternative in my opinion since i can do the same thing as the trigger but my hand doesn’t have to be up touching the headset. Also the setup is pretty simple.

Cons: The plastic piece that holds all the straps and goes on the back of the head is a bit stiffer that I’d like but I feel it could get softer with more use. Another con is that the padding is not resistant enough/not thick enough that I can feel the plastic headset through it, also with the shallowness of the headset my nose presses a little against the groove that makes room for the nose. But that is just me and my facial features.

Overall this is a great option and alternative for a VR box to use with google cardboard and other VR apps. It’s sturdy and looks sleek and with the remote as an accessory this becomes a good package deal. and a step up to the google cardboard option,

I will be transparent in letting you know that I did receive this product for free to review but that in no way influenced my review and all that I have written on here as this is my honest review of the VR headset,


Bidet Sprayer from #aquanexis

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Product Review – #WaistTrimmerBelt

Waist Trimmer Belt from NeoProMedical available at
I got this NeoProMedical Waist Trimmer Belt hopeful that it would perhaps “form” my body a little bit like it was 20 years ago 🙂 I thought if nothing else; it might give me some support for my back since I’ve been having so many problems with it. I didn’t put a lot of hope into it.

Thankfully, I was very pleasantly surprised. I wear my belt for a lot of my day; roughly 10 hours I’d say. I don’t even realize I’m wearing it after the intial putting it on “snug” and moving around. I do pull it pretty tight at first as it seems to me that’s the only way it could fight back against my chub-a-lub and having a winning battle! I’ve not had to loosen it yet. Like I said; I go about my day and forget it’s on. I am up and down a lot since my injured back only allows me to stand or walk for maybe 15 to 20 mins at a time. I put it over my tank top and under my shirt. That probably helps with the comfort.

It’s made a difference that I can actually see beginning the 1st day. I’ve always had the “boyish” body so not a lot of waist. This is helping. It does make you sweat underneath it, but you don’t know it until you are taking it off. I’m sure that is one of the ways it works is the water coming out, but I’m good with however it works as long as it does. I wouldn’t say it’s a drastic difference, but there is a definite change. I think it would be even more if I could exercise while wearing the belt.

My jeans are fitting better because I’m starting to get a waist. That’s been my problem forever and I think this may be the trick to fixing that. I will continue to wear it, drink plenty of fluids and when I can exercise again; do that too. The support it gives my back has been helpful as well.

The final results remain to be seen, but so far so good!

I received the NeoProMedical Waist Trimmer Belt for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Make it a great day. It’s up to you!!




#AGBlossom 18k Gold Filled Pendant Necklace

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Product Review – Petals 18k Gold Filled Pendant Necklace

#AGPetals 18k Gold Filled Pendant Necklace available at

This is a very elegant and beautiful necklace.You can wear this necklace for almost any occasion, whether it be formal or semi casual.  The necklace chain is very strong and will not be easy to brake.It is just the right size around my neck and does not make the pendant rest too low or too high.

The only reason why there is a missing star is because in my opinion, the pendant itself felt very nice.  Overall, this is a very elegant and gorgeous necklace that would make a great gift for a special person in your life.

I received this product to review for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.  All views in this review are completely my own.If this review helped you at all please press the button -helpful- below. Thank you.I write all my reviews honestly and my only objective is in helping you.