Product Review – Super Comfortable Racing Goggles

#AegendSwimming available at

I received a sample product at no cost for evaluation and review.  Aegend make some seriously cool swimming goggles.  Having used many different models from all the best brands, I would say that these are exceptionally comfortable and well designed.

Right off the bat, I was incredibly impressed with these goggles, due to the comfort alone. I’ve got a large head, especially for a woman, circumference measuring at roughly 25 inches, so I let them out to the last ridge hoping they’d fit. These goggles are hands down the most comfortable pair I have ever, ever worn. I absolutely love to swim, and every pair of goggles I have owned have been downright painful to wear – excruciatingly tight and felt like they were sucking my eyeballs out – but not these. I’m also a fan of the overall design. Not only do they look super cool and have a nice tint, but they are very functional and have a great field of vision. I am especially loving the quick release in the back – for someone with long hair, this feature is a blessing from the gods. However, I have not had the ability to test these in the water for fogginess. I seriously doubt leakage could ever be a problem, as the fit around the eyes is superb.

The anti-fog feature works as advertised and swimming with these goggles on is a totally fabulous experience. I forget that I’ve got them on. They give me perfect visibility, stay securely in place through tumble-turns and dives and leave only the slightest temporary mark on my face. I should add that my skin is very thin in that area and marks easily.

Everything considered, these are incredibly comfortable goggles and ideal for everyday swimming, both in a pool and in open water.  Disclaimer, I did receive this product for free or at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased opinions.



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