Product Review – Meago QC2.0 Rapid USB Car Charger Adapter

#meago available at

Whats better than 1 charger is 2 ports on 1 charger!!!

Pretty cool 2 port car charger for my phone and iPad. (it did come with a different cable which I don’t need). Its great to have both option in my car and no more arguing with my wife who charges first. I really like the design, pretty sleek looking and like the green light. give it a cool look at night.

the construction seems to be good, the bottom is definitely plastic but seems pretty strong. but the top. Either way the design is cool, functionality works well, and the price point is great.

I read that these chargers that it may interfere with the radio signal. I haven’t really tried because I don’t care much about the radio at all. The music that they provide is very poor. but thats another story and review lol

The iPhone cable works great. I don’t have any issues with it so far. no Errors! but with these aftermarket iPhone cables. only time will tell…

I will post an update if I have an issue with it.

If my review helps you in anyway maybe you can please help me out and vote by clicking on “helpful”! Right below here. If you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer it as best to my knowledge!

As a full disclosure, I did received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for leaving an honest and unbiased review. The thoughts and feelings expressed above are my own from my own experience.





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