Product Review – Cell Phone Holder Premium

#MTMAANTECH available at

Universal Gooseneck mount:
Overall: sturdy quality for a decent price… tested this with iPhone 6 plus. Ideal for use in the home to keep your phone up in a specific position; example in a workshop, over your desk, etc. I’ll update my review if it proves not to stand the test of time.

The Good:
+ Hefty, heavy, and feels well built. Immediately noticed how solid it felt.
+ Phone grip opens pretty wide; seems large enough to hold my iPhone 6 plus.
+ Neck, base clip are made of metal and seem long lasting
+ Cell grip has rubber inserts and grip phone securely
+ Base clip opens fairly wide to attach to flat surfaces up to about 2-3″ thick
+ Full length of neck is about 44.5 inches.
+ Nicely packaged in a environmentally-friendly-looking brown box

The Bad:
– The circular plastic piece you twist to tighten the adjustment of the phone’s angle is hard to turn tight enough to stop it from moving. I found my phone very slowly dipping from it’s own weight even when I thought I tightened it pretty well
– Base grip needs a flat surface to be stably secured to, which can be a problem if you intend on attaching this to a bed’s headboard that is has cylindrical bars
– Base clip has a strange choice in design; sparkly elastic which I suppose is to protect the surface you are attaching to from being scratched. Good in theory, but looks-wise I don’t like it (looks more fit for a teenage girl’s clothing than a tech item)

Note: this product was provided to me free in exchange for a review, but I review honestly. If a product sucks, I’ll say so. 🙂

Gooseneck cell phone holder: great quality overall


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