Product Review – Chef’s Star Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1 Gallon

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Over the years we’ve used different types of pails and buckets to collect our kitchen scraps for composting. My favorite is a plain stainless steel pail, because it cleans so easily.

Last year was a bad year for fruit flies, and our open top pail seemed to be attracting them. One of our neighbors has a lidded stainless steel compost bin that looks similar to this Priority Chef Compost Bin. She didn’t seem to have as much trouble with fruit flies hovering around her compost bin as we did. I’ve been on the look out for a well made covered compost bin since last year.

What I like about this Compost Bin
• The gauge of the stainless steel is fairly thick and it feels substantial
• The lid and body have a brushed satin finish
• The brushed satin finish doesn’t show fingerprints as easily as a polished finish and it matches my other kitchen appliances
• The lid and handle knobs have a polished finish
• It has a snug fitting filter lined lid
• There is a wide (1 ¼ inch) stainless steel band on the underside of the lid to prevent the filter from flopping out of the lid and into the bin.
• The filter looks like a coarse black scotch-brite scrubber (The product description & packaging does not indicate if it is impregnated with activated charcoal)

Our weather is starting to warm up and the fruit flies will be back soon, we’ll be ready for them this year.

I received a discount on the purchase price of this item to evaluate it and give my honest unbiased opinion and review for other Amazon shoppers. I hope my review will help other shoppers make better, and more informed decisions about their purchases.
• Questions and comments are welcome


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